Temple Baptist Academy

At Temple Baptist Academy students have the privilege and opportunity to be educated in a Christian environment and enjoy the highest in Bible standards. This environment is one of personal love, warmth, and cheerfulness. Students are expected to become highly disciplined, to study, and to work hard. Our staff teaches the principles of Christian leadership, self-discipline, responsibility, integrity, and love for God and country. Most important of all, students will learn an awareness, of the most exciting mission in life- service to Jesus Christ. 

Reasons to consider tba

Preparation for college 

  • 98% of our graduates go to college

  • Many TBA Alumni are serving as: doctors, nurses, engineers, assistant pastors, secretaries, teachers, school administrators, etc.

SAT Scores

  • Our students regularly test out years ahead of their grade

  • Many of our fifth graders test at a post-high school level

Low student to teacher ratio

  • A low ratio of students to teachers assures quality one-on-one time for every student

  • No student is left behind or ignored

experience + involved Faculity

  • Our faculty has decades of combined education experience

  • Teachers at TBA are concerned for each student, taking time to ensure everyone is fulfilling their potential 


TBA Team


Carol Kinney

Nancy Williams

Stephanie Russell

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10:00am Bible Classes for all ages
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11:00am Morning Service

6:00pm Evening Service



7:00pm Mid-week Service

7:00pm Master Clubs (3 yrs - 6th Grade)

7:00pm Teen Bible Study



At our church one of our goals is to help you understand and apply God’s Word. We believe that the Bible has the power to transform your life from the inside out. Every message is posted online so you can listen again and share with a friend. Enjoy!