a little about us…

A family of believers

pursuing Jesus.

Our goal in all that we do as a church is to please Christ, and to help you. From the moment you pull onto the property, our desire is that you would feel welcome. We seek to provide an inviting family atmosphere, heart-stirring music and practical & helpful Bible messages. We invite you to come “Be our Guest” this Sunday!

Expect to Belong

Visiting a church can be intimidating but when it comes to our church, you can relax.

We’re not perfect.

That’s probably why we make such close family, we are all a work in progress and seek to grow in grace.  We are not here to evaluate you, but to welcome you.  Don’t worry about having to measure up or fit in.  We really mean it when we say that “At Our church you’re not only welcome, you’re wanted.”

We’re about a Relationship

We believe that the bible teaches that the most important thing any of us can have is a personal relationship with Christ.  If you are new to that, that’s ok, we would love to show you where to start!  There is no tradition, no structure, and no systems more important than your relationship with Jesus.  That is our focus here – a Relationship, not a Religion.

We speak plain English.

We worship Jesus, study the Bible, and encourage each other in simple terms you’ll be able to connect to your daily life.  We believe and teach what the bible actually says and why it matters.  The truth in the pages of God’s word are as relevant today as when they were penned.  Through the teaching and preaching of God’s Word we can help show you how to apply that Truth to life in the twenty-first century.

We’re normal people.

When you walk through the doors of out church you will find hard working people, just like you.  People looking for encouragement, for help, for hope, and for a better understanding of God’s Word.  We really are just regular, friendly people who have found some good friends who also have found faith in Jesus Christ.

Your Little Ones

We have 2 safe, well-staffed nurseries with trained workers to care for little ones birth through 3 years old. The two groupings are Infants (Birth – 18 months), and Toddlers (18 months – 3 years old), with the Infants right next door to mom. You will have a pager if the Nursery Staff needs you.

Just for Kids

We have Sunday classes at 10:00 and Junior church at 11:00 for children 4 years old to 6th grade. Every Wednesday evening, there is also a special program for children called “Master’s Club.” We focus the safety and well-being of every child while teaching them the Bible. Visit our TBC Kids page for more info.

All about Teens!

Teens have their own Sunday class at 10:00am and meet on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm for their own special service. Throughout the year they enjoy planned activities, attend youth conferences, and have a blast at summer camps.

For the Adults

We have three Adult Bible Fellowships Sunday at 10:00. Age groups are average for each class, but not expected. Feel free to attend the class of your choice. Explore these classes by visiting our Adult Groups page.

Expect to Grow

Your experience with us will be encouraging and enjoyable

First, expect a friendly, grace-filled culture.

The gospel of grace is the center of everything we do at our church. Our family is warm and welcoming.

Expect some help along the way.

Greeters will welcome you with some information about the services and help you find classes and nurseries, as well as some new friends!

Expect to find a place where you fit.

Nurseries, children’s ministries, and adult classes are all well-planned and prepared so that your Sunday is a well-invested time of personal growth.

Expect meaningful worship.

Our music is engaging and uplifting. Each week you will be invited to sing fresh new music as well as timeless church classics.

Expect a practical Bible message.

Messages are Bible-based and practical to help you with daily life. The Bible has the answers you’ve been looking for, and it’s essential for your journey through life.

Expect to be impacted for the better.

Our goal is simple—to love and encourage you. Whatever you’re facing, wherever you come from, whatever decisions you are up against—God’s word and God’s love will make a massive difference.

Expect to connect and grow personally.

Every week, our church welcomes guests from throughout Thurston County. Many of them are burnt out on either religion or secularism, and are sincerely looking for a truthful, spiritual alternative to both. We believe Jesus’ gospel is the only true answer for the longing of a person’s soul.

Our church is for the skeptic or the believer.

Whether you believe in Jesus or not, have an open mind and come hear Jesus’ message taught clearly and practically. Investigate who Jesus really is and discover what most religions never tell you about the Bible. To discover more, download the free eBook—DONE!

Have Questions?

Ask us anything. Seriously, go ahead.



10:00am Bible Classes for all ages
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11:00am Morning Service

6:00pm Evening Service



7:00pm Mid-week Service

7:00pm Master Clubs (3 yrs - 6th Grade)

7:00pm Teen Bible Study



At our church one of our goals is to help you understand and apply God’s Word. We believe that the Bible has the power to transform your life from the inside out. Every message is posted online so you can listen again and share with a friend. Enjoy!